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5 Home Improvement Tips that increase the sale-ability of your home

When selling your home, it can be stressful to locate the ways in which you can add some much needed value or saleability to your property. Needless to say, impressions do count and improving on the image your property first delivers can be a promising way to increase sales and value.

  1. Do some gardening

One of the first things a potential buyer will see is the front garden. Leaving this in a mess from the offset will instantly give a bad impression, or underplay the value you are looking for. A simple trim to the bushes, keeping the grass in check and adding a much needed bit of foliage can place viewers in a good mindset instantly. It’s not even a case of reflagging the pathway or putting down astro-turf, but even simple solutions like planters and a coat of paint to the fence can make the difference.

  • Doorway

Your door says it all, and is the literal impression of the house from the outside. A small tidy to the front porch, a brand new door sign or a replacement altogether can make the entire package look much better. A little clean here and there, a brand new doormat and a new letter box can be the key to giving viewers a much better first impression.

  • Lighting

Everything looks better when the lighting is right and houses are no exception. Good lighting can make a room look bigger, cosier and less oppressive. Make sure to move any obstructions that block light from entering the room and deter from heavy curtains, replacing them with lighter material. A good tip is to turn the lights on before bringing the viewer into the home, utilising lamps and other lighting fixtures can make a house feel more homely.

Mirrors and reflective surfaces can also be a way of adding more light, just adding a large mirror to your living room could give you the illumination you need.

  • Clean and Declutter

No one wants to see a messy home, and the random trinkets you have around your abode may not be as appealing to others as they are to you. A swift tidy up and clean of all the surfaces and floors will make your home more visually satisfying, especially if you add a nice fragrance to the air.

Decluttering is just as easy and entails stripping down the house so that everything looks consistent with each other and without too much overload for the eyes. Paradoxically, consistency can be achieved by adding feature favourites such as throw cushions, minimalist ornaments and rugs.

  • Kitchen

The kitchen is a focal point of all viewings and a point that may hinge on whether a buyer follows through or not. Due to this, it’s important that your kitchen looks up to spec. Even if you don’t want to go out and replace everything, there are a few small things that can make a large impact.

Switching out bulbs for LED or spot lights can make a kitchen look bigger and brighter than its dimly lit counterparts, instantly modernising the package. Adding a neutral, bright coat of paint can change the lighting of a kitchen dramatically as well.

Don’t forget to make sure that your fixtures and fittings need to look as good as they can. A splash of paint to the cupboards or a replacement can make a kitchen look gleaming. The same goes for the appliances, giving them a full clean down is essential in making a kitchen look enticing.

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