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Southport Landlords – how to deal with frozen pipes.

Being a coastal town, Southport in Winter can feel the adverse effects from the chilly season. For Southport landlords and tenants,Winter can bring its own problems, especially in the form of frozen pipes. But if you want to prevent and protect against frozen pipes, here’s some handy hints for you and your tenants.

  • Insulate exposed pipes. There tend to be the ones in garages, kitchen units, outside pipes. B & Q in Kew retail park Southport,have a number of insulation products. Southport landlords with a number of properties may find it cheaper if they set up a trade account with them;
  • When the water in pipes freeze overnight when it is at its coldest, they are prone to bursting the following day when the pipes warm up and cause flooding. As a precaution, it’s a good idea to keep your heating on throughout the night in freezing weather, at about 12°C;
  • If your tenant is going away for any length of time, ask them to turn off their water at the stopcock and drain any water left in the system. If a neighbour or family member is available they can also check on the pipes and alternatively put heating on low overnight;
  • Likewise – vacant properties should be drained and water shut off in freezing conditions.

What to do if your pipes do freeze

If the water is running slowly from their taps or not running at all, it’s a sign that pipes have frozen.

  • Ensure your tenant knows where the stopcock is located. Most stopcocks are located in the kitchen.
  • Ensure tenant turns off water supply;
  • If you can locate the frozen pipe, try to warm it up with thick towels or use a hairdryer on the pipe. Do not use an open flame, such as a blow torch;

If a Pipe has burst and has caused flooding

  • Ensure they have an emergency number they can call in case they can not get hold of the landlord or letting agent;
  • Ensure water is turned off at stopcock;
  • Use towels to soak up any water;
  • Ensure electrical supply is OK. Sometimes water can drip or flood from ceiling lights. If this is happening, turn off electrical supply;
  • Call plumber;
  • Take photos of damage in case of insurance.

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