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HMO License Changes for Sefton & Southport Landlords

What you need to know about applying for a HMO License if you are a Southport landlord.

With new regulations coming into force across the private rented sector, Sefton Council have announced that new HMO (house in multiple occupation) licensing will come into effect in the borough on March 1st 2018, and due to run until 28/02/2023.

Any property that consists of 3 or more tenants and that form 2 or more separate households within one property, sharing bathroom, kitchen and toilet facilities, will be classed as a HMO. Any building conversions that consist in creating self-contained flats, must meet the 1991 Building Regulation Standards, or it will be classed as a HMO. Any landlord in Southport or Sefton that fails to license a HMO, may face a hefty fine of up to £20,000

It’s also worth noting that any property that spreads over 3 or more storeys, and are rented out to five people or more, is also classed as a HMO under the Housing Act 2004. Likewise, West Lancs Council apply their HMO licensing rules under a similar way to Southport’s, and cost £350 to apply for a license.

In Twickenham last week, one landlord learned a hard lesson when he had to pay out nearly £5000 in fines for failure to correctly license his property, classed as a HMO.

However, under Liverpool Council conditions, HMO licensing is only mandatory to the 3-storey, 5 or more tenant rule, and if a landlord decides to convert a smaller property into a HMO – they do not need to seek planning permission to make the conversion. It will no doubt be of no surprise to find that Liverpool can offer far more accommodation to migrant workers, students and single people in the wake of a national housing shortage, with a lack of available housing stock.

Sefton & Southport HMO License Fees
Landlords may apply online for a reduced fee and can choose one discount within the first 6-months of the scheme (as shown below). They do not need to apply for a HMO license before the 1st March 2018.

Additional (HMO) Licensing £ £ Annual Equivalent £ Weekly Equivalent
  Full Fee 850 170 3.27
  Accreditation 700 140 2.69
 Accredited Managing     Agent (licence holder) 650 130 2.50
  Early Bird 800 160 3.08
  In addition :    
  7-12 units 150  
  13-20 units 250  
  21+ units 350  

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