How to declutter your home

How to Declutter your Home

Tips for decluttering your home

by: Joe Hetherington

A cluttered home can be a dredge on daily life; hours spent finding the things you need and cupboards bursting at the seams with old Christmas decorations and incomplete jigsaw puzzles. Needless to say it can be a life changing experience de-cluttering your home, adding a breath of life to a space and making it much easier to sell.

Here is our breakdown of how you can strip your house down to its best features.

  1. Make it your mission

Removing the excess baggage from your house can be a difficult chore if done the wrong way, haphazardly removing bits and bobs and getting barely anywhere in the process. Instead you have to set yourself the mindset of change and the ways in which it can transform your life. Owed to this it can be imperative to put yourself into the fray by setting yourself some goals and making an entire day, or even week, of this mission.

Remind yourself that change is possible, positive and potentially life changing if you finish the task, making your home a better place to live.

  • Create an audit

Strategy is key to an effective de-cluttering is to plan and audit before you begin. This doesn’t require a clipboard and high-vis, but a fun game of moving in and out of rooms and noting down the things you want to see in the room. Envision how you want this room to look and the things that need to change to achieve this. You may find that there are hotspots around the house that are sorely in need of attention. You may want to start with the rooms you love the most; kitchen, bedroom, living room.

  • Start in the most difficult places

This entire process can be meditative and see the hours roll past as you go through your old junk, as such you will want to start with the worst locations first. These are the cupboards and drawers with all of the trinkets, parts and old novelty presents you just can’t find a place for.

  • Three box method

The three box method splits the things you come across into a triplet of final destinations; keep, store or remove. Take a box with you, the things you want to keep can likely just stay where they were. Be as honest as you can when splitting yours belongings up, binning anything that has no place or value in your life.

  • Resell

Selling the things you find can reduce the clutter in your life but potentially fill your wallet up in the process. This can make it much easier to get rid of things, with pound signs slowly replacing the old love you had for bits and bobs. Again, be honest with whether you still want the things you find. If you feel as though you never touch or use the things you use, then maybe it is time to let them go. Facebook Marketplace and eBay can be lucrative outlets for what you are getting rid of, and charity shops may be happy to take anything worthwhile also.

  • Transform your home how you want it

With your hodgepodge of chaos slowly dwindling, the end should start becoming clearer. Its when the light at the end of tunnel shines that you can shift your home the way you imagined it, moving things into places you want them and having the space and resources to add valuable assets to your living spaces.

The ancient art of Feng Shui illuminates on how important the flow of your home can be, with necessary changes like the aforementioned impacting your life drastically. Less stress, easier cleaning and better saleability can all be affixed to this simple art of clearing out the clutter. With a new decade around the corner, maybe it’s your time to reduce your hoard of junk.

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