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How To Sell Your Property at Auction

by: Madalena Penny

It’s no surprise that more-and-more London property investors are looking outside the Nation’s capital for a property bargain. In June London remained the only region that felt the blow from the fall on annual house prices. In the second quarter of this year, the average price of residential property in London fell by 1.9 percent.

As property investors are now having to pay higher taxes on buy-to-lets and higher stamp duty, there has been an influx in the North and Midlands of investors looking for property to buy. With higher rental yields, the smart investor is looking towards property auctions to find a suitable investment.

But it’s not just London that is seeing a slow-rate in house sales. According to figures published by Nationwide, June has seen the slowest growth rate since 2013, with prices falling from 2.4% in May to 2% in June.

Why list your property at auction?

  • Buyers can look on line for what they want, rather than scouring multiple websites;
  • They can bid online;
  • There are no estate agency fees;
  • They can allocate a reserve on their property, ensuring they get what they want;
  • It doesn’t cost anything to list your property on a property auction;
  • You can give one-month’s written notice to have it removed from the auction;
  • No lengthy negotiations on sale prices via an agent;
  • The Auction House collects a non-refundable reservation fee from the buyer.

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