What questions to ask during a viewing

What Questions to ask during a viewing

Looking for a new property or place to live can be a stressful process; making your viewings count is integral to reducing this. It can be essential that you ask the right questions during a viewing to make deciding easier down the line, here are our tips on what you should be asking.

  1. Length of time on the market

Properties can linger in real-estate limbo for years and there are always a plethora of reasons why. It is  a question you should ask the estate agent or owner when being shown the property, giving you a means to gauge potential issues the property may have. Not only this, but sellers who are still waiting on a sale may be willing to accept a lower price or agree to certain terms.

  • Why the house is for sale

Downsizing, poltergeist activity or simply a change of pace; there are a multitude of factors that make people want to move. One of the first questions you should be asking, providing the information needed to deduce what implications to the property will affect how you if you take residence. Not all sellers will be as determined to sell their property as others; some may be trying to gauge interest, whilst others may want to move fast. Again, this can give you potential for getting a better price.

  • Amenities and local area

A beautiful home can be null and void if the amenities you require are not possible. The likes of access to schools, shops and other local necessities can be make or break for a home and is something that needs to be asked when viewing or researched ahead of time. Additionally, parking and transport links may be of importance for commuters and drivers alike, and is something that you may want to take into consideration.

Although subjective, it is important to ask about neighbours if there are any. A brand new dwelling can be a place of nightmares if your fellow locals lack decency or have the ability to affect your daily life. Hyperbole aside, most neighbours are likely to be inviting and – well- neighbourly, but it is a good idea to ask beforehand.

  • Potential for expansion and building work

Building work can affect house value dramatically, especially if there are blaring gaps that need to be filled around the house. The likes of kitchen work, structural damage and bathroom renovations can be taxing on the mind and wallet, and is something to take note of before placing an offer. It can also be good grounds to haggle the price of a property.

You may be in the mindset of expansion or change, and planning permission can impact whether this is possible. Ensure that you ask if the property has had any building work planned, completed and the difficulty of adding or subtracting to a house.

  • Utilities

Living can be expensive; just being warm and having access to the modern discovery of electricity can cost a fortune depending on the area the property is in. Not just that but the fuel economy and features of the house can be important when deciding whether there will be further investing needed to make a house more affordable.

Internet is another important factor that few fail to ask. Potential bandwidth and download speeds change dramatically depending on where you live, something that may be devastating for anyone who makes their money digitally or online. An estate agent may not always know these details, but downloading the Speedtest app on your phone can give you a good idea of what to expect. If there is Wifi in the house, make sure you ask to connect to test this. Similarly, check your phone to see what coverage your provider can give you in that area.

  • What is included in the sale

Some properties come fully furnished and some don’t, but this may not always be completely apparent during a viewing. Items such as the washing machine, refrigerator and dishwasher may be harder for an owner to take with them, and instead will leave them with the property. This can allow you to leave any of your appliances behind, or plan to remove the ones currently installed ahead of time.

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