What’s on this Christmas in Southport

It’s time to look forward to the festive season. With Christmas lights and decorations adorning Lord Street and the town centre, Southport is looking every inch the Christmas jewel in Merseyside.

With a number of activities and Yule time events this year, we have a few of our favourites to report.

For Children:

The Nutcracker Trail

Located all over Southport are 10 six-foot Nutcracker Kings for your little ones to find. Believed to bring good luck to families, the Nutcracker Trail is bound to bring festive cheer for everyone involved.

You can pick up forms from the Wayfarers Arcade, The Atkinson or Remedy. If you can manage to find all ten names of the Nutcracker Kings, and post your entry in Santa’s post box in Wayfarers Shopping Arcade you could win an iPad come January when the winner is drawn.

The trail is running from the 20th November 2019 until the 2nd January 2020

If you are looking for a great Christmas show to bring the kids to this year, The Great Christmas Sleigh Ride can be enjoyed at the Atkinson. Sing-along and interactive magical show for 2-6 year-old’ along with a chance to meet Santa, and a special gift.

Running from the 13th -18th December with twice daily shows at 10.30a, and 2pm, the running time is 55 minutes.

Looking to take the kids to see Santa this year?

We have news that Santa is indeed visiting the Wayfarers Arcade this year. You can come and see him on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th December at 11am. All the money he receives is going to charity and the suggested donations is £5 per child. However, because he has a lot to do on Christmas Eve, he can only stay until 2pm on the 24th. All other days he is there until 4pm.

If you prefer to have breakfast with Santa, he can be found at the Prince of Wales Hotel on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th December at 10am. £5.99 per child and £6.99 for adults.

For the adults there is a Christmas ghostly performance of 3 dark winter tales in Dyad’s production of ‘Christmas Gothic’ at The Atkinson on Thursday 12th December at 7.30pm.

Also performing at the Atkinson this Christmas is the Albion Christmas Band offering us traditional and modern Christmas songs. You can book your tickets for Saturday the 14th December from the box office for £20 or £18 concessions.

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